Handling criticism

 The people who have taught me the most in my career are the ones who pointed out what I didn’t see.” 
—Sheryl Sandberg

Working for five years now in a very demanding and fast-paced industry, I have met many kinds of people.

There are friendly, bossy, lazy, highly-opinionated or the lack thereof, and of course, there are the tactless, insensitive motherf——, a breed of workplace people that doesn’t have a shortage whatsoever. They are the ones who will tell you what you need to know no matter how painful it may seem to swallow.

Lots of times have I been scolded for not doing exactly what they wanted. It wasn’t always because you did wrong, oftentimes they just felt like it. At first, you’ll feel annoyed, and even feel the senior colleagues ganging up on you. But now, when I ponder upon those days, I feel like my experience with them taught me something I’ll never learn in any technical training manuals, and that is to always strive for the best no matter what others says about you.

It was probably the most stressful days of my career to date, but if it didn’t happen, I’ll never be as stronger as I am now. Before, all I’m expecting every working day is how am I going to absorb all their evaluation — some justified, some are just plain fault-finding, most of which made me cringe in embarrassment. But now, I don’t fear anything anymore. Not taking things personally at work and being open to criticism are the keys. It wasn’t easy at first. I admit, I had a hard time. At the end of the day, all of this won’t matter if we don’t learn from our mistakes. Then you will fear no more.

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